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Breakthrough the “Time & Income” Ceiling & Scale to 7+ Figures and Beyond with Dream Clients and Total Freedom

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Let’s Scale Your Business To The Next Level!

We help entrepreneurs grow their coaching and consulting business and, if you’re experienced, help you scale up your business that makes money and creates the ultimate lifestyle you love.

Exclusively for service-based businesses like yours, ready to catapult your business to the next level. Our business coaching and mentoring will you help accelerate your growth.

Learn how our clients are shattering the glass ceiling (in business and life) with The Powerhouse Scale System™ and adding $50K-$100K months to their business right now. With smart marketing and leveraged selling, discover how you can too – even if it seems out of reach right now.


You want to start and grow a 6-figure business, regardless of your previous experience or knowledge even if you’re just starting out.


You want to grow & scale your business to multi-6 or 7-figures with predictable sales, leveraged systems, team building and more.


You’re ready to scale to 7+ figures or more with next-level results. You need step-by-step powerhouse strategies for success.

Do You Feel You’re Working Too Hard – For Too Little?

You feel you should be further along by now and know it’s in your reach, if you just had a system and the right formula. Because the struggle and working harder isn’t going to cut it long term.

If your activities are burning you out for the income you make and you don’t know how to grow your business without working even more, it’s time to SHATTER that time & income ceiling so you can reverse that trend before it’s too late.

Through our simplified growth strategies, we’ll help you create a profitable business for your long-term success.

We’ve been honored to help over 100,000+ entrepreneurs increase their sales, save their time and grow & scale their business to wildly profitable success.

“Doubled my revenue the FIRST month with a results-oriented plan!”

In one hour with Kelly, I was crystal clear on what I needed to do to move my business forward. She listens intently and asks the right questions, which led me to make clear and purpose-driven decisions.

Kelly helped me to focus and prioritize my next steps to launch a new program, hosting a live event, and double my revenue with an actionable, results oriented plan. If you want to make a massive leap in your business, work with her!

Watch Our Free Training

Discover The Simple 3 Framework To Grow Your Business, Attract High End Clients & Hit Your First (or next) 7 Figure Year

You’ll experience the most powerful 38 minutes you have ever spent working on your business.

Is Your Marketing Time Consuming and Unpredictable?

Your marketing generates inconsistent revenue, hustling to find clients through word of mouth and other unreliable, time-wasting methods.  You know selling creates cashflow – but you need the right predictable system that brings you, new clients, anytime.

With powerful, simplified lead generation, elegant sales and marketing strategies, our proven systems and world-class coaching & mentoring brings you new clients, anytime – without manual marketing, stress or overwhelm.

We provide complete business training, mentoring, and world-class support you need to stop struggling and wasting time, so you can become a Powerhouse CEO®

Within 14 days of working with Kelly, I saved 28 hours of time and strategized a new plan.  In the first 90 days, I made more revenue than the entire previous year.

One hour with Kelly, I was crystal clear on what I needed to do. She prioritized my next steps and I doubled my revenue the 1st month with a results-oriented plan.

I created 2 companies, closed 6 figure clients & never knew how to start or grow a business.  Now I have a 7 figure model with lots of clients and quit my day job. Thanks to Kelly

Are You Trapped With Clients or Offers That Are Not Scalable?

You know selling is required for cash flow, but you don’t want to be on the phone all day closing clients – you need the right system for more clients, simplified growth and more freedom.

If you’re ready to stop selling low-end programs or one-at-a-time clients that are time-consuming to deliver, and you wish you had a way to work with more clients, at a higher price, without spending more time – you’re in the right place.  We’ll help you build a business that is stable, scalable and sustainable for success.

We will show you how to create simplified growth, with the right framework and the exact steps to virtually guarantee your success.

Don’t let people tell you your ideas won’t work!

Every entrepreneur has valuable knowledge, skills, and expertise that makes a difference in the world.  Now you will you have a complete system that creates clients like clockwork… so you can play a bigger game and call your own shots, on your own terms  – with a wildly profitable business.

If you want to take your business beyond where it is today… without spending countless hours on time-wasting activity – sorting through more dead-end digital programs, The Powerhouse CEO® might be exactly what you need.

Are you ready to build, grow & scale your Coaching or Consulting business and achieve next-level success – without sacrificing your lifestyle?

“…In the first month of working with Kelly, I had more powerful and exciting results than all through last year… she is the key element to my success.”

Already in my first month of working with Kelly, I had more powerful and exciting results than all last year. Like a pro, she helped me tie up the loose ends in my business, double my prices TWICE in four months and she is the key element to my success.  I’m so grateful for this opportunity.

Kelly Fidel’s programs and live access will help you develop your skills and learn faster than your competition – even when your competition is just the clock! Kelly is already a proven expert when it comes to growing and scaling companies. This competitive advantage is how Kelly stays at the top of her game – and keeps you at the top of yours.

Access to our proprietary and proven strategies is what sets apart our superior results-driven programs allowing you to have more time, more freedom and more profits. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, you are in the right place!

Here’s How It Works

To grow & scale your business that changes your life, digital courses are not enough, you need a focused environment that is comprehensive so you can finish what you start. Our Powerhouse Programs provide a proven end-to-end system, with step-by-step mentorship whether you’re just getting started or experienced and looking to grow your business.


This is the only program you’ll need to achieve your 6 figure & 7 figure mark.  We’ll lead you through our 10 areas of Elite Business Mastery and The Powerhouse Scale System™ to achieve your goals.


No matter how detailed an online course is, you’ll have questions. Get access to Kelly and her team of experts for video conferences, virtual and live events, private community and more. Kelly will personally take a dive deep into your business, remove any roadblocks (or glass ceilings) to accelerate your success.


Imagine being surrounded by some of the top 1% earners across various industries – learning, growing & collaborating.

Imagine what would it feel like to add that type of value to your business & life. What problems would that solve for you? Finally, you’ll be in the right room of powerhouse entrepreneurs!

What Makes No Glass Ceiling® Different 

Are you ready to have the straight line to success so you can focus on growing your business rather than being suffocated in useless information that is overwhelming and a waste of time?

The biggest difference with our Powerhouse Programs, we teach real time, relevant sales and marketing strategies with systems that work – directly from Kelly that are insightful and actionable – designed to drive results!

Designed to add 6 – 7 figures to your business!

It’s one thing to want to take your business to the next level. It’s another thing to follow through and actually do it.

You will leave behind your fears and doubts as you shatter any invisible barrier and immerse yourself in what’s truly possible for you without any bottlenecks in your business.

Exclusively for entrepreneurs who are ready to stop wasting time with overwhelm and confusion and start growing their profitable business with a complete step-by-step, start to finish system for business success (no more trying to “piece your business together”)

Together, we’ll identify your greatest opportunities and implement the right business model that creates a scaleable business with revenue that allows you to build a multi 6 and 7-figure business (without being a 24/7 workhorse)

In the short months of working with Kelly, I’ve ROI’d my investment, quadrupled my rates and positioned myself; she knew immediately what I needed to reach my 7 figure goal this year.

In only 30 days I created a new business model, doubled my fees, and made $20,000 and 60 days later created $100,000 revenue stream with a new company!

Within 15 minutes on the phone with Kelly, I landed a new client that same day! In the first week, I doubled my client base and generated 15 new referrals!

We Love Our Clients

What matters most is celebrating with our clients as they achieve success. We love our clients and they love us.  They make our world possible, and in turn, they create a ripple effect in the world. We are honored to work with amazing people.

Before working with Kelly, I was stuck and didn’t know how to get my message out there.  Everything has changed! I’ve launched my course program and another 2nd course with a book.  I had none of this before Kelly. She was completely instrumental in my success.

I believe in Magic! I met Kelly at a point in my life where I had no options left. On New Years Eve I came across a Facebook post and watched a webinar with Kelly – and it’s been non-stop amazing ever since.  She’s an amazing business coach, a kind and compassionate human being!

Kelly is the best and if you’re like me and you’ve spent money, money, money she not only connects the dots, she puts it together and gives you a very solid, clear, laid out plan to make it happen and she’s there to help you do it.  If you’ve been “thinking” – start “working” with Kelly.

We Believe You Are A Powerhouse

We believe entrepreneurs are powerful beyond measure and can live the lives of their dreams with #NoGlassCeiling. You are completely capable of achieving a business and life that’s Bold. Fearless. Unstoppable.  You deserve the perfect LIFEstyle you set out to create.  We would be honored to help you get there faster with our premier programs and success systems that work.