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Where Anything Is Possible To Create Your Success

The Art of Entrepreneurship
Lifestyle. Income. Success.

Anything is Possible.  If you are ready to achieve wild success and call your own shots, welcome to my world, now let’s ROCK yours!


Our mission is to help entrepreneurs like you to breakthrough barriers so you can grow and scale a FEARLESS empire with total freedom and a dream life you love. Our simple marketing and sales strategies work Fast and are deeply designed to get you results.  Creating a profitable, lifestyle businesses is more than possible, we can help you get there.


Kelly Fidel’s – No Glass Ceiling®, Inc. is exclusively for entrepreneurs & business owners like you, ready to catapult your business to the next level. We provide programs, mentoring and resources by committing to give intimate access to Kelly and other industry experts to help you accelerate your personal & professional growth and mastery within your business. No Glass Ceiling® provides access to critical business skills such as Mindset, Marketing, Sales, Scaling and Wealth Building.


Insider Success® is an intimate Mastermind designed to give you the “insider” strategies, systems and everything you need in One place to create a success business with total freedom & dream clients you love.

Exclusively for coaches, consultants and professional services who are ready to stop wasting time with overwhelm and confusion and start growing their profitable business with a complete step-by-step, start to finish system for business success. ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN

My Story

Explore my entrepreneurial journey and discover how my experience in a variety of industries can help you. See how I turned my Fortune 100 experience and closing over a billion dollars in sales; into becoming an award winning entrepreneur with several multi million dollar businesses.  And it all started when I sold avocados when I was 9 years old to buy a pair of tennis shoes!

Anything Is Possible

The dream of the corner office starts when you call your own shots! My community of entrepreneurs are inspired to create a life with #NoGlassCeiling and their Anything Is Possible lifestyles ― whether that means poolside in an exotic location or working from the sidelines at a youth football game.  My mission is help entrepreneurs break through barriers, unleash their human potential and build a FEARLESS dream life they love.  

My Philosophy

I have some pretty controversial philosophies about business and life. Find out what makes my approach to business and life different that will work for you. Because sometimes you need to shatter the glass ceiling and become the most powerful person in the world…YOU!

My Programs

Based on my real life experience, I’ve developed several signature programs to help you accelerate your business forward and create your lifestyle that you want, on your terms. Take a look at my course library and grow your business to the next level.


The Ultimate Sales Consult Script

(The 5 Steps and #1 Key Question You Must Ask To Close More Dream Clients

The Ultimate Sales Consult Script is the exact step-by-step script (with questions) that I use to close 80% of new clients in integrity without feeling weird or salesy. 

Get the script that shows people, just like you, how to enroll dream clients in 30 days or less.